Not Seeing YoY Profit Growth For Your D2C Brand... Even Though You’re Spending A Fortune On Paid Ads?

Discover how we help generate multiple 7 figures/year in profit for our clients...

Case Study 1: Baby Products (US)

We started working together with this client at the end of 2021, and only spent $5,717 on ads. Before working with us all of their revenue came from their socials..

After seeing some early success in 2021, we started setting up more serious Facebook & Google ads funnel. In 2022 we almost hit our goal of $1M in sales, after spending $100k on ads. We wanted to generate as much revenue as possible, not focusing exclusively on new customer accquisition.

In 2023 our priority was to acquire as many new customers as possible (while maintaining a healthy ROAS). After spending $232k on ads we generated $1.7M in sales, at a new customer ROAS of 3.75 & average ROAS of 7.59.

Case Study 2: Dog apparel (US)

We started working together with this client at the beginning of 2021, and spent $71k on ads in the first year. In the beginning we were focusing mostly on Google for high intent traffic, then use Facebook to retarget them to extract as much profit as possible. In the first year we hit $819k in revenue, with a high percentage of new customers.

In the following year we started investing more on Facebook, in order to start generating more demand. In 2022 we became one of the highest bidder for our niche market on Google Ads. We were taking up a huge portion of all search queries. With this approach we managed to generate over $1M in revenue.

This year we already had the blueprint, so we just followed what seemed to work. We allocated 70% more to ads compared to the previous year & also saw an increase of 57% of net profit. Our goal was to hit at least $1.5M in revenue, which we managed to achieve.

Case Study 3: Melatonin diffusers (US)

We started working together with this Melatonin diffuser brand at the end of 2021. From day one we faced a lot of problems when creating ads, as none of the platforms allow the promotion of these. After some testing we realized we can create bridge pages & avoid getting immediate suspensions. The repeat customer rate is very high (+ high LTV), so we could afford to be aggressive with our acquisition efforts. In the first year we spent $51k on ads & generated $174k in revenue.

In 2022 we started facing more serious ad approval issues (even while using bridge pages), so we added Google ads to diversify. There ad disapprovals were less serious so we were able to spend $69k without issues. On Facebook we had months when we had a lot fewer ads active due to ad disapprovals. At the end of the year we generated $655k in revenue after spending $163k on ads.

This year we were able to increase our margins by taking the manufacturing in house, that's why the client wanted to acquire as many customers as possible, as long as we're hitting a breakeven point. The product itself is also losing popularity, so the company started diversifying & adding new products that are more trendy.

Case Study 4: Supplements (US)

We started working together in January of 2023. This brand relied mostly on SEO & some minor paid efforts. Since we started running their FB/Google ads we spent $1.76M on at a new customer ROAS of 1.13 & average ROAS of 4.91. In this time we generated $8.6M in revenue.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

"Can't Recommend Him Enough"

"They helped us get our FB accounts back. Very soon we saw great ROI's working with them." - Sandro

"Been Working With Him 5 Years..."

"He's helped take our business to that next level & really appreciate all the hard work he has done" - Cliff

"Outstanding Growth!"

"Thanks to their expertise & strategies we were able to increase our revenue by 80%." - Davor

"They Get Really Detailed"

"They respond quickly which makes all the difference. And two, they are always taking time out to explain what they're doing." - Erin

"Wouldn't Be In This Position"

"Marko has been a really big help in increasing sales & allocating budgets where we get the most ROI." - Lindsey

"Thoroughly Recommend"

"Right from the word go he gave me a no nonsense plan, bespoke to my business, understanding my needs." - Karen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Supergrow do?

We are a boutique Paid Ads agency with the sole focus of helping you increase your paid ads gross profit.

Why haven’t I been able to grow YoY profits even though you’re spending on Paid ads like crazy?

That’s because you’re focusing on inflated metrics like ROAS or deceptive metrics like LTV. ROAS includes customers that would have bought anyway… And a huge portion goes to retargeting that isn’t actually acquiring NEW customers. And LTV doesn’t tell you the payback period, meaning it could take years before they come back and give you money. Instead of ROAS, we leverage third-party software that tells us a 10x more valuable metric, which is NC CAC and NC ROAS. That is the cost of acquiring a completely new customer. This is our north star.And instead of LTV, we calculate SKU-specific LTVs with exact payback periods to come up with KPIs that allow you to acquire new customers at profit. Our whole approach is based on getting you as profitable as humanly possible, as soon as possible. Profits then get reused to scale higher parts of the funnel.

What's your guarantee?

Our guarantee is that you will see an increase of month-over-month profit in the first 30 days of working with us.

What's the onboarding process like?

Super simple. As soon as payment is made, a service agreement and onboarding form will be sent to your email.‍ The onboarding form takes 20 to 30 minutes and that's all we need from you. At the end of the form, you will find a calendar link to schedule your kickoff call. We will also send you an invitation to Slack for daily communication.

How long does it take before you’ll start to see great results?

In most cases in 30 to 60 days after starting to work with us.

Do you have a contract? How long is it?

We don’t have long-term contracts, we work on a 30-day basis. Meaning, that if you like the results after 30 days you can continue working with us, if not you can cancel whenever you want.

How much will this cost me?

Depends on your monthly advertising spend; but we have a small fixed fee + % of advertising spend.

Is the retainer upfront or?

No, you pay after each 30 days & you can cancel whenever you want.

Which platform do you recommend to start with?

If budgeting is limited we usually recommend Google Ads. Simply because once these are profitable everything else becomes easier. High-intent search traffic fuels your funnel with warm buyers that have way higher conversion rates when you retarget them on other platforms like Facebook Ads.

What’s included in our service?

  1. Customer avatar research

  2. Market, trend & competitor research

  3. Keyword research

  4. Setting up tracking & third party software

  5. Setting up ad accounts so that they are primed to convert

  6. Setting up & optimizing product feeds

  7. Editing content into engaging ads

  8. Creating all campaigns

  9. Daily monitoring & optimizations

  10. Consulting on special offers & holiday sale events (i.e. BFCM)

  11. Consulting on CRO

  12. Consulting on content

  13. Dedicated Slack channel for all communication (we’re available every day during work hours)

What about creatives, who does them?

We do the editing, you just share the content folder & wishes.

What about getting content?

We work with a partner creative agency in case there’s a need for UGC content from TikTok influencers or actors.

Are you a team, who’s managing the accounts?

We are a boutique agency working with a handful of clients, all work is done by us & will not outsourced to any external collaborators. Huge agencies view their clients as cogs in the machine, we though prefer working closely with each brand. This way we maintain quality of work & consistent results.

What’s the channel of communication & when are you available?

You get access to a dedicated Slack channel for all communication (we’re available every day during work hours).

Will I get any reports?

We do a monthly performance report + whenever you have any questions about performance we will send over a Loom breakdown upon request.

What are the next steps?

You can take this info & implement it on your own. If done properly you should start seeing better results from Paid ads. If you want us to implement it for you, schedule your free growth consult & we’ll implement this funnel for you. Keep in mind, we’re taking on just 1 new store per month. We will only be able to work with you if we’re a 100% good fit.

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